Message From Dean

The office of the Dean, faculty of Science and Technology (FOST), Far-Western University seeks to facilitate the integration of the academic experience of the faculties and students and to provide updates to the plans and strategies to research and teaching methods.

The Dean's office coordinates with Heads of the Central Departments and Campus Chiefs of the related campuses to prepare and execute strategies for enhancement of the academic activities, to implement curriculum effectively and to ensure its standards. It always tries to create better environment for standardizing teaching learning activities and qualitative improvement of research activities.

The office aims to design local communication programs and other partnership agreements and make relations to the companies, organizations and institutions which can provide services for the graduates from this institute. It also tries to make friendly relations to the different Institutes and Faculties of Tribhuvan University as well as that of the other universities.

The office is committed to improve the evaluation system and manage well over the examination conducted by FOST. It makes arrangement of various site visits for monitoring affiliated academic programs, examinations, internship programs and other relevant activities coordinating with Heads of the subject committees, subject experts, and staff members. The office is dedicated to build strong relationships with fellow workers and team members. It tries to administer and ensure smooth working of staff and training activities.

As Dean, I express my commitment for the highest quality in the Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. programs and promise that these programs will be further improved on a foundation of excellence and innovation.

Thank You.
Prof. Purna Bahadur Chand (Ph.D.)